Kohcaine Skincare | Kilo On The Go Travel Skin Care Set | Kohcaine Luxury Lifestyle

Kohcaine Skincare | Kilo On The Go Travel Skin Care Set | Kohcaine Luxury Lifestyle

Kohcaine Skincare | Kilo On The Go Travel Skin Care Set | Kohcaine Luxury Lifestyle

"You need a good skin care regimen"... Do these remarks often haunt you because you are already using skin care products, but no one notices the change in your complexion? Many of the skin care products on the marketplace contain synthetic chemicals or harsh preservatives. They may make the skin glow for a few days and return to its previous condition (or sometime even worse!).

It is time to wake up to the benefits of caffeine-infused skin care products by Kohcaine Skincare & Luxury Lifestyle. Try Kohcaine's Kilo 'on the go' kit. It contains every product essential for total skin care at an affordable price. The products are cruelty-free, dye free, vegan, gluten free, made in USA, and paraben-free. To explore more, stick with us till the end.

What do you get in the kit | Kilo 'on the go'

Whenever you hear 'kit,' you obviously want to know what it contains. This luxurious skincare set is worth every penny because these are not smaller bottles and contain the same full size as their retail bottles! These four incredible age-defying skincare products come bundled in our spacious travel tote bag.

· Charged Cleanser

The charged cleanser is one of our top selling products infused with coconut oil for skin hydration, activated charcoal for detoxification (to help avoid pimples / breakouts). The addition of caffeinated green tea ensures smooth, charged and wrinkle-free skin.

· Energizing Moisturizer

Kohcaine's Energizing Moisturizer nourishes the skin without damaging it. It contains sandalwood oil to lock moisture, jojoba oil to nourish and smooth the skin, and caffeine that act as antioxidants. Overall, this moisturizer may help improve skin textures and tone. This creamy hydrator is designed for daily use, morning and night.

· Fine Line Eye Cream

Fine Line Eye cream is our top performing product in the kit that may help reduce wrinkles, fine-lines, and puffiness. It contains natural ingredients, including caffeine - that may help minimize wrinkles and fine lines, vitamin E - that may help protect skin cells, and lastly peptides - that moisturize skin and may help improve the texture. This comes with a free serving spoon for getting every last drop of the formula

· Mint SPF 30 Lip Buzz

When it comes to skincare kits, how can one ignore lips? The Lip buzz balm complements the equipment with its effective and practical properties. It contains pure organic oils to moisturize and help avoid cracking. The addition of peppermint leaf offers refreshing and cooling effects, while SPF 30 protects the lips from harmful UV Rays.

Kohcaine | Benefits of Kilo 'on the go'

Kohcaine is a well-known skin care brand due to its beneficial products and pure infusion of ingredients. It has served many happy customers while retaining a pure optimal response. So you cannot expect its products to damage skin. Here are some notable benefits of our Kilo on the go

Affordable: The Kilo 'on the go' kits offer you everything you need to keep your face fresh and wrinkle-free without breaking your bank.

Cruelty Free: All the products in the bag are made of natural and organic ingredients. They are cruelty-free and paraben-free. These products nourish the skin without damaging the cells.

Travel Friendly: Whether you are always on the go or going out of town, take this bag of Kohcaine Skincare with you. It is lightweight and easily fits travel bags. When you have this kit in your bag, you have everything your face regimen needs.

Kohcaine is one of the best skin care brands for men and women. We manufacture paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products to target every person and skin type. Add this kit to your skincare product collection and enjoy smooth, clean, and clear skin

Paraben Free | Cruelty Free | Made in USA | Organic & Natural Ingredients